Get Started

Step by step we are here for you

Preperation of expectation

This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a get rich over time scheme, it is that simple. The more you put in, the more you get out..


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin


Most of the sites and apps require you to verify identies through a variety of methods.

Google is one of the more trusted applications, so signup to gmail. Please try use your name in the gmail account, this helps with your Trust Verification with traders and various websites. Then download Google Authenticator App.

Step 1

You have done your research and opened your Google Account, now on to the tedious part. Open your various accounts.

Trade time

Convert your currency to crypto. 

Change time

Convert your crypto to HyperFund currency.

Trade Time


Now convert your local currency into crypto. Paxful is great at finding competitive sellers to buy your currency with lots of different ways to transfer money.

Side Note

Have these documents ready so you can “Upgrade” your account and start trading:

1) Email
2) Phone
3) National ID
4) Proof of residence

Make sure all your documents are CLEAR, otherwise they will not be accepted.

Get going!

Green are approved and Red not approved.

1) Choose what you want to buy

BTC is the more widely used crypto to trade with.

2) Search to Trade

You will have loads of options to buy with various accounts that you may hold.

Great options

Local types of transfers. Selecting how you would like to pay will give different seller results.

3) Find your Seller

Below will be a list of Sellers that match your search results.

Convert Time


Now you have a Paxfull Account you will need an exchange account to convert your crypto to invest in the HyperFund.

Side Note

Google accounts are preferred and takes less time to authorise. As this site is an Online Exchange, they take their security very, very seriously.

1) Set up Security

More robust security features, less likely your money will be lost.

Do not get lost

There are so many options on this Exchange, so let us focus on why we are here. 

All trades have fees

Like with any traditional bank, there are fees, so please be aware!


Please note this is NOT like a traditional bank, if you send money to the wrong account, your money will be LOST, you will NOT be able to recover it.

Transfer Steps

Sign in

Sign in to Paxful and Okex. Here we will show you how to send your crypto from one “wallet” to another.


For this we are using BitCoin (BTC) to BitCoin, you must only send the same crypto to each other. 

1) OKex

Under you Assets, select Deposit (here we will find your Wallet Address)

2) Wallet Address

NOTE: Only send the same types of crypto to eachother.

3) Copy Address

Your Wallet has a very long account number.. you need to copy that for Paxful

1) Paxful

Select your balance that you want to send to Okex. Click Send